Meet Svea

Montreal Homeopath, Naturopath & Arvigo™ Practitioner

Montreal Naturopath Homeopath
My own health and healing journey began many years ago as I struggled with chronic fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety . I was constantly sick with the flu or seasonal cold, had chronic headaches, suffered from severe menstrual cramps and just felt a low level of health.  I was working 3-4 jobs, going to school full-time and living a very stressful life. I wasn't conscious of the fact that my condition was being caused by mental/emotional factors that were affecting my health. When I started studying Naturopathic medicine, my whole world changed. I began to nurture my body with good food and rest. I checked into my emotional well-being. I began to look at the things that were no longer serving me. I began to take natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical drugs. I started to use constitutional homeopathy (which I have found to be the most profound and healing medicine, by the way). Basically, I healed myself from the inside out and no longer struggle with chronic fatigue, headaches, or severe menstrual cramps. My constitution is also much stronger and I rarely get sick. Many of my struggles were helped with Holistic Counseling, a technique that helps you get to the root cause of your illness (my husband practices and teaches the technique). It has helped me quite profoundly, on many different levels.. I never realized that emotions could be tied to almost any physical suffering. I offer this dialogue to my clients, since it can make such a profound impact on someone's life. I'm also really passionate about the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and am so thrilled to be an Arvigo™ Practitioner in Montreal. Along with homeopathy, Maya Abdominal Massage really helped me with severe menstrual pain and other female complaints.
I'm now happy and healthy and feel so blessed to be 
able to help others who are also struggling with their health.


I have a strong passion for working with people to bring them back into a state of balance. 

My passion is working with mental/emotional complaints (anxiety, eating disorders, etc) using mind-body healing, as well as working with conception & infertility, pregnancy, and women's health complaints. But I do love working with many other complaints too! I have helped people with a variety of health complaints, including: chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue / exhaustion, headaches, constipation, anxiety, obesity, auto-immune illnesses, insomnia, colic, digestive complaints, fertility challenges (see my Montreal Natural Fertility website here) and more.

My primary modalities include: classical homeopathy, mind-body healing through Holistic Counseling technique, the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (Maya Abdominal Massage), botanical medicine (only when needed - usually for acute illnesses), nutrition (as needed), and mindfulness techniques. 


Montreal Naturopath Homeopath

I love to empower my clients to take the reins of their health into their own hands. 


My Credentials (for those who are wondering):

I received a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Psychology in 2008.  I then went on to study the four-year professional Naturopathic medicine program at the Naturopathic Institute in Michigan, graduating as a Certified Naturopath. And, even after many years of school, I decided that I was still not finished (I think I may be a perpetual student)! I chose to specialize in Homeopathy in my practice and graduated from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2012 (DiHom).  I am also a holistic doula in Montreal - having completed doula training in 2012 from Montreal Birth Companions. My doula website can be found here. Additionally, in 2015 I completed practitioner training for the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. I am now an Arvigo™ Practitioner (and so thrilled to be able to share it with my Montreal clients).



…a couple of testimonials from my Montreal clients :

"Svea was a great support for both my husband and I as we went through the ups and downs of pregnancy. This was our first child and she helped us navigate the million and one questions and concerns that were always popping up! Thank you Svea! Also, I loved that you were so calm and always made me feel more calm and confident about whatever the situation was. Baby T can't wait to see you again!” – KC, Montreal
" I feel a whole lot better after our appointment- things are definitely starting to change and I feel a lot more clear " - JS, Montreal
"Maya Abdominal Massage is really special. I've had many different kinds of massages, but nothing like this. I felt like it addressed joints, tendons, ligaments, internal organs, as well as muscles (all through a massage technique). I felt really good after. It lives up to its great reputation." -MD, Montreal
"The session I had with Svea was so effective. I felt like it was really deep and it removed some stuck energies in my reproductive system. I would definitely recommend Maya Abdominal Massage for anyone trying to get pregnant or struggling with their fertility." -LD, Montreal


Classical homeopathy is a holistic form of healing. Your constitutional remedy covers and treats your whole being - mind, body, and emotions.

Mind-Body Healing

Holistic dialogue helps us to get down to the root cause of your illness. Oftentimes people suffer from misthought - old believe systems or patterns that are making them sick.

Holistic Doula

I provide Holistic Doula services in Montreal and surrounding areas. Check out my doula website for packages and services offered with pregnancy and birth.

Maya Abdominal Massage

“The uterus is the women’s center. If her uterus is not in proper position and good health, nothingin her life will be right. She will be as out of balance as her uterus."
-Don Elijio Panti, teacher to Rosita Arvigo